October 7, 2012

Fox In Socks

Fox In Socks
by Dr. Seuss

The two main characters in this book are the Fox and Mr. Knox. The fox is coming up with funny tongue twisters for Mr. Knox to say. Mr. Knox keeps asking the fox to not make it so hard but the fox just keeps coming up with one tongue twister after another, until Mr. Knox has enough and builds the Fox into one of his own stories and finally has revenge, placing him in a giant bottle where he can't say anything anymore.

Again, Dr. Seuss added a ton of fun pictures to look at for the kids. However, what really stands out in this book is the writing. It is a bunch of fun but also a challenge to read this to your kids. I could see this book be  great, once boys get to the age where they can read it themselves. It really shows how many words are written in different ways, but are pronounced the same. My oldest likes it, but I am not sure how much of the story he is really getting yet. 

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